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Interesting facts about the breed

  • Are English Bulldogs a vulnerable breed? No, they are one of the most popular in the UK and elsewhere in the world
  • English Bulldogs are thought as a national treasure
  • They are one of the UK’s oldest breeds
  • The Bulldog is a brachycephalic (short faced) breed
  • The modern Bulldog is different to the original dogs that were used in blood sports
  • Care should always be taken when an English Bulldog travels on a plane because they suffer from breathing issues
  • A large percentage of Bulldogs (80%) are delivered by Caesarean section thanks to puppies having such large heads
  • They are the 6th most popular breed in the UK.

What is an English bulldog puppies?

An English bulldog puppies is a lovely and gentle dog breed.

This breed was not recognize to be a sporting type, but its origin was bull baiting.

This breed is easily train by their owners  though resist some difficult commands.

The characteristics of this dog breed are the same as that of the parent.

Characteristics of this dog breed.

Why you will like this dog breed.

  • Excellent with kids
  • Social and accepts strangers
  • Are a companion dog breed type
  • Although very social and well trained, can be social with other family pets.
  • Agreeable to most environments.

Why this breed is not good for people who are not use to dogs. 

  • Very aggressive with other dog breed
  • Although adapt to noisy homes, they do not tolerate extreme weather.
  • Moreover, English bulldog puppies do not like being left alone for a long period of time.

How to care for english bulldog puppies dog breed.

These dogs have a very beautiful coat which is short, medium density and course which needs to be taken care of always.

Below are the different ways you can take care of this dogs;

  • It is only a moderate shedder and takes only a weekly brushing (or more during shedding season) with a rubber brush or slicker brush to keep the coat healthy and clean.
  • They do tend to drool and slobber, which may take an occasional wiping to prevent from becoming excessive.
  • Keeping clean of the skin fold is good.
  • Frequent cleaning around the wrinkles to avoid irritations.
  • Brush teeth often to avoid dental issues.

What environment is good for this breed to live in?

A big open yard is usually good for english bulldog puppies because they are energetic and loves running around.

However, are quite adaptive and avoid regular exercise.

What is the cost of an English bulldog puppies dog breed?

The price of this dog breed depends on the following factors;

  • Age
  • Size
  • Color
  • Location
  • Depends if buying from a breeder or rescuing.
Where can I buy this dog breed online?

Although there are many sites online where you can get this breed online, you have to be very careful not to be defrauded since some of these sites are fraudulent.

However, we at puppieshubonline are one of the most legitimate and registered sites in the USA.

So, we work only with top breeders within the USA to bring these breed at your doorstep at very moderate prices.


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